Sean Turi Photography Introduction Video, 2012
The Merry Widow at the Met Opera, Winter 2014-2015

Leah Hofmann as FrouFrou the Grisette, Dress Rehearsal December 29, 2014

Big Fish Commercial

Rehearsal from The Merry Widow, December 2014

George B Style - Fashion Features


Red Carpet Glamour

Legally Blonde at Gateway Playhouse

2011- Assistant Director/Choreographer

Look for cameos as the Mermaid tail, the Elephant on the left, the Sandra’s sorority friend in the red pants, popcorn concession girl and the cheerleader-gone-wild

Transitioning the Trend: Easy Spring Looks, NBC New York Live

Radio City Rockette Interview with Karilyn Surratt in St. Louis, MO, 2008
Cabaret Performance April 2016 for Karin Kawamoto, New York City